CAFxxx Termoplastic Hose DN4

The QUADRA DN4 flexible thermoplastic capillary hose, are the ideal solution for equalizing and oil return lines. The QUADRA DN4 hoses have an internal diameter of 4 mm and therefore they can substitute copper rigid tubing of OD 6 mm or 1/4?. The QUADRA DN4 hoses can be easily assembled with suitable fittings and crimped using the specific hydraulic crimper RXA005, or the all new ELECTRIC PLIER RXA010, otherwise a possible alternative is to use special reusable fittings where there are installations where special crimping tools are not available. The QUADRA DN4 hose can also be used, at the choice of the user, also for connection to the pressure gauges, pressure switches and test points as with QUADRA DN2.

Name Quadra DN4 CAFxxx
Type Flexible thermoplastic capillary hose
Spacing 4mm ID / 8.3mm OD
Conectors 1/4 SAE x 1/4 SAE
1/4 SAE x 3/8 SAE
1/4 SAE x 1/4 SAE 90°
Maximun working pressure 120 bar / 12.0 Mpa / 1740 psi
Burst pressure 600 bar / 60.0 Mpa / 8700 psi
Working temperatures -45°C min / +130°C max.
Minimum bend radius 25 mm
Accepted gases HFO/HFC (R134a, R404A, R407A, R407B, R407C, R410A, R507, R32, R448A, R449A, R450A, R513A, R1234yf, R1234ze)
HCFC (R22)
Oils Minerals / Poliol ester based
Inner Tube Thermoplastic polymer
Reinforcement Polyester braid of high tensile strength with high modulus
Cover Thermoplastic polymer - Painted


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